Lamination Glass

Laminated glasses are extra tough, and shatter proof panes which are used in a number of ways in the modern world. The most commonly seen examples of lamination glass today are car windshields and windows; which are laminated to make them shatterproof. However, lamination glass suppliers also have a vast market in the interior decoration and construction industry. Every glass manufacturers who can truly make the right textures and give the proper finishing to lamination glass can get a large bulk of their business from interior designers who want to use the beauty of glass to decorate, while keeping the safety factor high. This is why laminated glass is often developed with artistic tones. As the most reputed lamination glass suppliers, we at Techno Art Glass have to provide you only the best.

Lamination glasses used in home décor are very different from car windshields. While the vehicle usage variety has two layers of plastic sheeting on either side of the pane; laminated glass manufacturers have to be extra careful with the finishing aspect when the material is to be used for indoor beautification. Most glass manufacturers however, use plastic laminates. At Techno Art Glass, we bring you the most artistic glass panes for your interiors. Our lamination glass has a thin layer of fabric between two sheets of toughened glass, keeping the polished finish of the material intact. This also allows various artistic designs and prints on the glass, without having to worry of eventual dullness as in the case of plastic sheeted varieties. As the largest lamination glass suppliers in Mumbai, our products are guaranteed to be beautiful and classy, while keeping in mind the safety factors of shatter proof qualities.

At Techno Art Glass, we use the latest techniques and machines to create glass varieties that were not heard of before. Our fabric lined lamination glass has the same shatter proof qualities of plastic laminates, but allows intricate artistic designs to be etched or printed onto the surface. Interior designers love a lot of variety to work with, and we are dedicated to fulfill that demand. By continually bringing in new designs, styles and textures to lamination glass, we provide the very best interior designers of Mumbai plenty of artistic variations to choose from. Our reputation as the most reliable lamination glass manufacturers has been developed after years of providing the right materials to the artists who make Mumbai’s living spaces so mesmerizingly beautiful.

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